EPPO database on PP1 Standards

Standards: Plant growth regulators

Number Title Year of approval Version Action
PP1/143(4) Potato dessicants 2023 4 View
PP1/144(3) Reduction of lodging in cereals and maize 2008 3 View
PP1/145(3) Reduction lodging in water-seeded rice 2011 3 View
PP1/146(3) Retardation of growth in grass 2012 3 View
PP1/153(3) Control of lodging and growth regulation in brassica oil crops 2010 3 View
PP1/154(3) Control of (primocane) suckers in Rubus 2009 3 View
PP1/155(3) Control of suckers in tobacco 2010 3 View
PP1/156(4) Accelerated ripening of oilseed crops and large-grain legumes 2010 4 View
PP1/157(3) Regulation of growth in ornamental plants by pre-harvest applications 2005 3 View
PP1/158(3) Regulation of growth in pome fruits by orchard applied, pre-harvest applications 2006 3 View
PP1/161(3) Control of suckers in grapevine 2011 3 View
PP1/162(3) Control of suckers in hop 2012 3 View
PP1/163(3) Regulation of growth in Pisum 2010 3 View
PP1/164(3) Sprout suppressants in potato: at storage or in store application 2010 3 View
PP1/171(3) Regulation of growth in grapevine (except sucker control) 2012 3 View
PP1/182(3) Chemical hybridizing agents in cereals (except maize) 2015 3 View
PP1/183(3) Dwarfing of ornamental trees and shrubs 2011 3 View
PP1/184(3) Regulation of growth in citrus 2020 3 View
PP1/185(3) Regulation of growth in olive (except sucker control) 2021 3 View
PP1/186(3) Rooting of cuttings 2011 3 View
PP1/189(3) Reduction of lodging in sunflower 2010 3 View
PP1/190(3) Regulation of growth in strawberry 2009 3 View
PP1/208(2) Regulation of growth in stone fruits by pre-harvest in-field foliar applications 2008 2 View
PP1/247(1) Regulation of growth in ornamental plants by post-harvest or ‘in store’ applications 2005 1 View
PP1/255(2) Regulation of growth in pome fruit by post-harvest or ‘in store’ applications 2020 2 View
PP1/304(1) Control of suckers in orchards 2017 1 View