EPPO database on PP1 Standards

Standards: General Standards

Number Title Year of approval Version Action
PP1/135(4) Phytotoxicity assessment 2014 4 View
PP1/152(4) Design and analysis of efficacy evaluation trials 2012 4 View
PP1/170(4) Side-effects on honeybees (free access) 2010 4 View
PP1/181(5) Conduct and reporting of efficacy evaluation trials, including good experimental practice 2021 5 View
PP1/207(2) Effects on succeeding crops 2007 2 View
PP1/213(4) Resistance risk analysis 2015 4 View
PP1/214(4) Principles of acceptable efficacy 2017 4 View
PP1/223(2) Introduction to the efficacy evaluation of plant protection products 2012 2 View
PP1/224(2) Principles of efficacy evaluation for minor uses 2014 2 View
PP1/225(2) Minimum effective dose 2012 2 View
PP1/226(3) Number of efficacy trials 2018 3 View
PP1/227(1) Definition of a plant protection product 2004 1 View
PP1/239(3) Dose expression for plant protection products 2020 3 View
PP1/240(1) Harmonized basic information for databases on plant protection products 2005 1 View
PP1/241(2) Guidance on comparable climates 2014 2 View
PP1/242(2) Taint tests 2014 2 View
PP1/243(2) Effects of plant protection products on transformation processes 2014 2 View
PP1/248(3) Harmonized system for classification and coding of the uses of plant protection products 2021 3 View
PP1/256(1) Effects on adjacent crops 2007 1 View
PP1/257(2) Efficacy and crop safety extrapolations for minor uses 2014 2 View
PP1/264(2) Principles of efficacy evaluation for mating disruption pheromones 2019 2 View
PP1/268(1) Study of unintentional effects of plant protection products on fermentation processes and characteristics of wine 2010 1 View
PP1/269(1) Comparable climates on global level 2010 1 View
PP1/271(3) Guidance on efficacy aspects of comparative assessment 2019 3 View
PP1/276(1) Principles of efficacy evaluation for microbial plant protection products 2012 1 View
PP1/277(1) Insecticide co-formulated mixtures 2012 1 Withdrawn
PP1/278(1) Principles of zonal data production and evaluation 2012 1 View
PP1/291(1) Evaluation of the influence of tank mix adjuvants on the efficacy of plant protection products 2016 1 View
PP1/292(1) Cleaning pesticide application equipment (PAE) – efficacy aspects 2016 1 View
PP1/296(1) Principles of efficacy evaluation for low-risk plant protection products 2017 1 View
PP1/306(1) General principles for the development of co-formulated mixtures of plant protection products 2018 1 View
PP1/307(2) Efficacy considerations and data generation when making changes to the chemical composition or formulation type of plant protection products 2020 2 View
PP1/319(1) General principles for efficacy evaluation of plant protection products with a mode of action as plant defence inducers 2020 1 View