EPPO database on PP1 Standards

Procedure for the preparation and approval of PP1 Standards on Efficacy Evaluation of Plant Protection Products

Identification of topics for Standards

Proposals for new Standards or revision of existing Standards can be made by:

  • - Panels
  • - The Working Party on Plant Protection Products (WP PPP)
  • - NPPOs
  • - The EPPO Secretariat

The Work Programme (i.e. which Standards should be prepared and the priority for these) is agreed by the Working Party and then approved by the Executive Committee and the Council.

Technical bodies involved in the preparation of PP1 Standards

The development of PP1 Standards is carried out by three bodies within EPPO:

  • - The Working Party on Plant Protection Products – a decision-making body to which all EPPO Member Countries may send representatives
  • - Panels on efficacy evaluation of specific groups of plant protection products composed of specialists selected by the Working Party in consultation with the governments concerned;
  • - The EPPO Secretariat.

The Working Party PPP decides upon the programme of work and reviews the finalized Standards. The Panels involved are: the Panel on General Standards on Plant Protection Products, the Panel on Efficacy Evaluation of Fungicides and Insecticides (which also deals with miscellaneous other products such as acaricides and bactericides) and the Panel on Efficacy Evaluation of Herbicides and Plant Growth Regulators .  

The EPPO Secretariat organizes and chairs both the Working Party PPP and the Panel meetings and has the responsibility to incorporate the changes proposed during the consultative phases of the procedure. The task of preparing efficacy evaluation Standards is the principal task of the Panels.

Details of the approval procedure

The approval procedure, which applies to all EPPO Standards, may be summarized (see Figure 1) as follows: The Panels draft PP1 Standards which are submitted to all Member Countries in a consultative phase. The EPPO Secretariat (with help from the Stewards and the Panel as needed) redrafts the Standards following the consultation feedback. The Working Party PPP after reviewing the Standards submits them to the Executive Committee and Council of EPPO for final approval to be recommended to all Member Countries. Note that Standards considered by the Working Party PPP to be in need of revision or updating, enter the same sequence of consideration, beginning with expert Panel review and finalized by approval at EPPO Council.


All approved Standards are published in the EPPO Bulletin and are available on the EPPO Website. PP1 General Standards are freely available to read and download. PP1 Specific Standards are available through an online database for which a subscription is payable.

Figure 1. Pathway for the development and approval of a PP1 Standard